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Why Knowing English is Important for Designers, Animators, and Motion Designers

In today’s world, knowing English opens up numerous opportunities for professional growth and international collaboration. For designers, animators, and motion designers aiming to enter foreign markets, English has become an indispensable tool. It allows you to:

1. Expand your client and partner base. Working with international clients can significantly increase your income and portfolio.

2. Access the best educational resources and master classes. Most professional courses and seminars are conducted in English.

3. Use advanced tools and software. Many design and animation programs and plugins have English interfaces and documentation.

4. Keep up with industry trends and innovations. Most news and articles in the design and animation field are published in English.

5. Participate in international competitions and exhibitions. This is a great opportunity to make a name for yourself and find new clients.

Recommended Resources for Learning English

- This platform offers a variety of materials for learning English, including lessons, exercises, and videos. Special attention is given to pronunciation and grammar, which is especially useful for professionals working with English-speaking clients.

- One of the world’s leading developers of English language tests. The resource provides study materials and practice tests that help prepare for international exams and improve language skills.

- An online dictionary from Oxford that includes explanations and examples of word usage. An excellent tool for expanding vocabulary and understanding context.

- The most authoritative dictionary of the English language. Suitable for those who want to study the meanings and histories of words in depth.

- A portal with study materials and resources for learning English, suitable for students of all levels. Includes books, workbooks, and online courses.

- Offers a wide range of free lessons and podcasts for learning English. Materials often include current news and cultural topics, helping you stay updated on global events.

- A unique service that allows you to hear the pronunciation of words in context. Enter a word, and the platform will show video clips featuring its usage. This helps improve pronunciation and intonation.

Useful Apps for Learning English

1. Anki

- An application for creating flashcards with information to remember. It uses the spaced repetition method, which helps efficiently memorise words and phrases. An excellent tool for expanding vocabulary.

- A popular free app for learning languages. Lessons are designed in a game-like format, making the learning process engaging. Duolingo is suitable for beginners and those who want to maintain their skills in their free time.

Learning English will open up new horizons and opportunities in your professional field. Start with the resources and apps listed above to confidently step into the international market!

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