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Creating a Portfolio Solution

Clients usually don't cooperate with designers without portfolios. But how to create a portfolio if there are no clients to work with? It's a challenging task for a beginner, but there's a solution.

One solution is creating learning projects. Suppose you want to learn 3D graphics. Find a tutorial on YouTube and complete it. As a result, you'll get one learning project.

Don't rush to include this project in your portfolio. Many design beginners make this mistake. It's important to understand that a learning project is not a real project.

Therefore, after completing the lesson, use the acquired knowledge and skills to create a new work. Let it be similar to what you did in the lesson. Only make changes. Change the idea, form, color, or composition. For example, if you modeled a car, create another one of a different brand. Or if you made an abstract composition and learned to apply materials, make changes, and create your own unique work. Then include it in your portfolio.

With this approach, you get unique, proprietary work that can be confidently placed in your portfolio and then shown to the client. As a bonus, you gain additional experience and hone your skills.

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